Nikitasa Mishra
3 min readFeb 28, 2024


Avocado Toast (Easy, Simple And Healthy)

Each home cook needs a decent essential Avocado toast recipe for a fast, sound, and fulfilling breakfast or bite. Add a touch of style and make veggie lover avocado toast with garlic bread for an extra delightful variant that is perfect to stack up with your number one exquisite garnishes. My bit by bit directions will show you how it's finished in only 15 minutes

For The Toasts
▢8 to 10 cuts garlic bread (entire wheat) or roll or french portion or entire wheat bread
▢1 tablespoon additional virgin olive oil for brushing or on a case by case basis
▢1 garlic clove split
For The Avocado Filling
▢1 avocado - medium to enormous
▢1 garlic clove minced or finely cleaved, little to medium size
▢½ teaspoon dried oregano or add as required, pick favored spices all things considered
▢¼ teaspoon squashed dark pepper or add as required
▢¼ teaspoon lemon squeeze or add as required
▢salt as required

Cut a garlic, right off the bat, portion or a french bread.
Then, at that point, heat an iron or tawa or skillet. Put the portion cuts on it. Toast them on a low to medium fire.
While the bread is getting toasted, we set up the avocado filling. Take an avocado. Flush in the event that you need. Then give a cut at the middle moving around the whole avocado.
We need the avocado in two parts. Eliminate the seed.
With a spoon, scoop out the whole avocado tissue, which is like margarine and gets taken out without any problem.

Put the scooped avocado tissue on cleaving load up and afterward slash. Or on the other hand you can squash the avocado mash in a bowl.

Add the slashed avocado in a blending bowl. Likewise add 1 little to medium garlic clove (finely slashed or minced)
Season with ½ teaspoon oregano (or add as required), squashed dark pepper (as required), salt and a couple of drops of lemon juice. The lemon juice forestalls the staining.
Blend well and keep to the side.
When the cuts are toasted, then brush some additional virgin olive on top.
Split a garlic and rub the garlic on all the bread cuts.
Presently tenderly put the avocado filling on the toasted bread cuts. Assuming you need you could in fact sprinkle some red stew pieces.
Serve avocado toast when you make them.

Enjoy ☺️