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3 min readFeb 18, 2024


Oreo-Cereal Bars Recipe

With the firmness of Oreos, featheriness of marshmallows and the decency of rice krispies, these Oreo-Cereal bars will turn into your #1 treat. This simple to-create nibble recipe can be made in under 30 minutes and will be delighted in by individuals of all age gatherings. This American nibble recipe adds a fascinating spot of Oreos and marshmallows to the straightforward rice krispies. When matched with a milkshake of your decision, each chomp of this delightful lunch room suggests a flavor like a fantasy. Serve these lip-smacking oat bars to your youngsters and their companions on picnics, sports day and relaxed play-dates. You can eat these for a night bite or even as a fast breakfast. Oreo-Cereal Bars have a decent timeframe of realistic usability and can be handily put away in water/air proof boxes. This mind boggling nibble recipe is the moment answer for your striking aches of yearning. Make this issue free treat this end of the week and bond with your family over your common love for Oreo and marshmallows.

Elements OF OREO-Cereal BARS
8 Servings
⚫ 3 cup oreo treats
2 tablespoon white chocolate
40 pieces marshmallow
2 tablespoon spread
3 cup rice krispies

Instructions to MAKE OREO-Cereal BARS

Stage 1/5
To make these delightful café, place a container over medium intensity and soften the margarine in it. After the margarine has softened, add marshmallows to the dish and mix ceaselessly until they dissolve also. Blending constantly accelerates the method involved with liquefying and evades the combination from getting singed.

Stage 2/5
Then, continuously add squashed Oreo treats and rice krispies into the container. Completely cover the Oreos and rice krispies with dissolved marshmallows utilizing a spatula.

Stage 3/5
When Oreo treats and rice krispies are uniformly covered with marshmallows, move the combination into a baking dish and utilizing a spoon, equally and solidly press the blend into the baking dish.

Stage 4/5
Then, pour the dissolved white chocolate on the blend. Softened chocolate spreads effectively and gives the bar a smooth and chocolaty surface.

Stage 5/5
Ultimately, permit the combination to rest. Whenever it has cooled, cut it into rectangular bars. Your Oreo-Oat Bars are fit to be served and relished!

Enjoy 😊